Influence Mobile is a fast-growing company and our team and process are growing too! This is a great place to expand your skills, make contributions that are genuinely valued, and build exciting, challenging products that are about to take off!


Daniel Todd

CEO / Co-founder

Megan Brockavich

VP of Operations

Ziv Gonen

VP of Product Management

Treves Hokama

VP of Market Research

Brett Patterson

Director of User Acquisition


Katherine Todd

Product Manager

Jozias Machado

Product Manager - Support

Drew Peterson

Product Manager

Cameron Banhan

Cameron Banhan

Product Manager


Dawn Coyne


Nicole Carrigan

Human Resources Generalist

Marketing + Design

Taylor Todd

Taylor Todd

Business Development Manager

Rowan Chamberlain

UX/UI Designer

Allie Razo

Allie Razo

Marketing and Communications Manager

Audrey Hebert

Performance Marketing Manager


Tracey Hamblin

Director of Customer Support

Julie Gossler

Director of Redemptions

Haley Kreuz

Administrative Assistant

Erica Thuirer

Support Team Member


Daniel Shelton

Mobile App Development Lead

Joshua Rudio

Lead Software Developer

Jed Murdock

Lead Software Developer

Dan Higgins

Lead DevOps Engineer

Kalyani Kaware

BI Developer

Nishtha Garg

Systems Developer II

Nick Hoyte

Nick Hoyte


Luke Crook

Principal Software Developer

Taco Lu

Full Stack Developer

Don Lightsey

Sr. DevOps Engineer

Brian Olpin

Sr Software Developer

Itzik Samara

Sr. Software Developer

Matt Trussell

Full Stack Developer

Kelly Mayfield

Software Developer