A Rewarded Engagement Platform for Mobile Gamers

We’ve built a multi-event rewards model and proprietary algorithm to keep consumers engaged, resulting in higher retention and greater monetization for your apps.

Powerful Targeting

Target users by age, gender, OS, as well as unique behaviors, so you can engage with your ideal audience.

Bespoke Rewards

We offer a tailored rewards model that encourages deeper user engagement and increases long term player retention.

Deeper Engagement

Our users are more invested in playing your games because we give them the right incentives to achieve a multitude of goals and make purchases.

Higher Retention

We use our rewards ‘meter’ to create positive behavior, which leads to increased retention and loyalty within your game.

Increased ROAS

We’re hyper-focused on maximizing our partners ROAS. We move the needle to get players to play further, engage more, and ultimately spend more in your game.

More Credibility

Reputation is everything. We consistently rank in the top of the industry’s Appsflyer, Singular and Adjust rankings for ROI and Retention

*Appsflyer Index Rankings listed under our sales partner, Blind Ferret.

A Bit About Our Audience

Our users love getting rewards for playing games and using mobile apps.


US and Canada Traffic






25+ Years old

We Are Trusted By

We’re proud to work with a diverse range of game and app developers, large and small. Below is a selection of game developers we work with.

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